Metallica Collection

             MASTER OF PUPPETS


LP Albums

1986 USA Elektra. white label promo with gold stamp, warning sticker and inner sleeve, SP version (9 60438-1)

1986 USA Elekra, white label promo with gold stamp, inner sleeve, no warning sticker and Elektra press kit, SP version (9 60438-1)

1986 USA Elektra, with grey labels and inner sleeve (9 60439-1

1986 USA Elektra,'RCA Music Services' edition with inner sleeve, red/black Elektra labels and no barcode (R 134552/9 60439-1)

2010 USA Elektra, double LP in gatefold cover, 180g reissue on purple vinyl with sticker and bellyband, limited to 1000 copies (470908-1) 

1986 Canada Elektra, with gold promo stamp in English and French on back cover and inner sleeve (96 04391)

1986 Canada Elektra, 'Columbia House' edition with inner sleeve, no barcode on back cover,1st labels (E1 60439)

1986 England Music For Nations, 1st label with inner sleeve, white detain down the spine, and insert (MFN 60)

1986 England Music For Nations, misspressed with side 'A' playing on both sides (MFN 60)

1986 France N.E.W., with silver labels and red inner sleeve (2320

1986 Japan Sony/CBS, with OBI strip, two inserts, lyrics insert, promo labels and a 'sample' sticker (28AP 3169)

1986 Holland Roadrunner, with MFN labels, insert and inner sleeve (RR 9717

1987 Brazil RGE, with gold promo stamp on cover, promo labels and lyrics insert (320.7003)

1989 Korea Phonogram/Vertigo, with promo stickers on the back cover and on labels (SEL-RP 1539

1989 Korea Phonogram/Vertigo, with blue labels, lyrics insert and different track list (SEL-RP 1539

1990 Mexico Polygram/Vertigo, with spaceship labels, track list in English and Spanish on back cover, and insert (LPR 23066)

1992 Greece Polygram/Vertigo, with spaceship labels and no inner sleeve (838 141-1)

2008 EU Universal, double LP in gatefold cover, 180g vinyl reissue with bellyband (0600753101162)


Promo 12''

1986 USA Elektra, edit version with Elektra sleeve and 'title' sticker, SP version (ED 5139)


7'' singles


CD Albums

1986 England Music For Nations, with no barcode on back cover (CD MFN 60)

1986 France/England Music For Nations, with barcode, 'printed in England' on front insert and 'made in France' on the CD (CD MFN 60

1986 USA Elektra, with longbox cover (9 60439-2

1988 Japan Sony/CBS, with OBI strip, lyrics insert and promo sticker on back (25DP 5234)


Master of Puppets totals:

vinyl albums - 13

cd albums - 4

promo cd's - 1

7" vinyl singles - 1

vinyl promos - 6